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Here is the first audio session from the recent Austin Stone Missional Community Conference. Darrin Patrick gave a solid message on cultivating a gospel-centered community.

The Austin Stone and Acts 29 are hosting a Missional Community Leadership Conference on Feb 6-7 at Great Hills Baptist. This is the kind of conference that is long overdue and will deliver on Gospel, Community, and Mission for the practitioner.

Main Speakers:
Matt Carter: Leading your Community to spiritual health
Darrin Patrick: Leading your Community to gospel repentance
Alan Hirsch: Leading your Community to missional discipleship


There are too many to list, but include topics like Missional Leadership, City-wide Networking, Discipleship, Communication & Conflict.

More Info here. Register there.

Cultivating a Culture of Repentance 12/13/08

Speaker: Darrin Patrick

Going Deep With Sabbath Rest 12/13/08

Speaker: JR Vassar

The Mission and Vision of Acts 29 Network 11/19/08

Speaker: Mark Driscoll

Tonight we had our first of three sessions on deacon training. I was moved by the number of quality of potential deacons sitting in our house. God has been so kind to Austin City Life! In preparation for training our deacons, I did the following:

Then I wrote and mailed a letter of invitation to potential deacons, gave them a copy of Driscoll’s booklet, and developed a teaching outline for our three session Deacon Training. In all of this I borrowed heavily from Bob Thune and David Fairchild. Thanks guys! Here’s the list of topics we are covering each month:

October 5, 2008 – 1st training meeting @ Dodson’s house

Discussion topic: A Theology of Deacons

Assignment: One Page Reflection Paper on 1 Tim 3:8-13

November 2, 2008 – 2nd training meeting @ Dodson’s house

Discussion topic: The Practice of Deacons

Assignment: One Page “Dream” Ministry Description

December 7, 2008 – 3rd training meeting @ Dodson’s house

Discussion topic: Holding to the Mystery of Faith

Next Assignment: One Page Summary of the Gospel

December 8-14, 2008Interviews and Installation

A friend recently asked me for a list of books on Pastoring. Honestly, I have found very few that are worth our time. Here is are the few I have found:

Darrin Patrick on Eldering and Pastoring

The Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter

Pastoral Trilogy by Eugene Peterson (Angles, Stones, Plant)

On Church Leadership, Driscoll

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, Piper

The Art of Pastoring, Hansen

Here is an Acts 29 link to three MP3s that cover the history, lexicography, and good/bad/ugly of Emergent Church movement.

See also my article “Emergent Theology: The McLaren Method of Interpretation

See the irenic and insightful exchange over whether or not to use video venues for church growth at Bob Hyatt’s blog. Be sure to read Darrin Patrick’s response.