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Finding Organic Church

Frank Viola’s new book FINDING ORGANIC CHURCH: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Sustaining Authentic Christian Communities (David C. Cook) releases today at a discount from From Frank: This is the practical follow up to all of Viola’s other books. It’s also a stand alone book exploring the subject of organic church planting in […]

Organic Church?: Models and Methods of Planting

There are a variety of models for church planting that have proven effective. Church Planting Village lists five main models: Program-driven Purpose-driven Relationship-based Seeker-sensitive Ministry-based. Ed Stetzer includes all but the Program-driven model, but notes that only 19% of planters (among Baptists) actually identify themselves with a model. My guess is that this low percentage […]

Help on Leading an Organic Church

As I continue to struggle and learn about leading a new, organic, missional church I have found that revision and change are quite common. This goes against my grain, as I want to have Austin City Life “figured out,” for which I am repenting. The church is not a problem to be solved or a […]

7 Principles for Planting an Organic Church

Read the article from Tim Chester of Crowded House and author of Total Church.

Shepherding an Organic Church

Bob Hyatt has some really helpful reflections about how to shepherd an Organic Church in his article “80-20 and the Organic Church.”

Organic Church Movements Conference

The Organic Church Movements Conference with Neil Cole and Alan Hirsch will be held next in Ontario on Feb 8-10. Here are a few of the workshops:  Organic Church Urban Strategies PaTransition or Transfusion: Conventional Churches Moving to Organic ChurchCoaching Organic Church Leaders Organic Church and the tough Question of the Gay Community From the […]

Organic Church

A couple organic quotes from Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways: “The problem is that most people see the church as an institution and not an organic movement (living system), in spite of the fact that the Bible is replete with organic images of church and kingdom (body, field, vine, soil, etc.).” p. 253 The Bible […]

Syncretistic Missional Ecclesiology: The Failure of Missional Church

Missional Church is in full swing. In classic American fashion, we’ve created a whole industry around it—Networks, Conferences, Books, Blogs, Seminars, Schools, Workbooks, Degrees, and so on. Missional is becoming common parlance among American evangelicals. But at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. What kind of impact is missional church […]

AND: Gathered & Scattered Church

Smay and Halter are releasing a new book on missional church, AND, aimed at equipping all sizes of churches to engage unchurched people. AND helps you—whether you are a mega-church, traditional, contemporary, or organic church leader—focus on the vast majority of unchurched Christians and non-believers who are not moving toward any form of church. You […]

Difference Between House Churches and Missional Communities

Tim Chester lists several differences between House Church meetings and Missional Communities. Read them over. Are there any missing? Community House groups often tend to be a weekly meeting. People talk about ‘house group night’ – the evening in which they ‘do’ house group by attending a meeting. A missional community is about a shared […]