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Deacon Training – II (Practice of Deacons)

As we continue the process of developing deacons, our most recent meeting focused on The Practice of Deacons. A previous post lists resources for A Theology of Deacons, the focus of our first meeting. In attempting to work out the practice of deacons, we found it helpful to make a distinction between two areas of […]

Deacon Training – I

Tonight we had our first of three sessions on deacon training. I was moved by the number of quality of potential deacons sitting in our house. God has been so kind to Austin City Life! In preparation for training our deacons, I did the following: Studied the deacon passages of Scripture Read Alexander Strauch’s Ministers […]

Deacon Installment

On Sunday, we installed the first deacons of Austin City Life, 5 months after they completed training! Church planting! We introduced them as lead servants in our church who have demonstrated a commitment to the character, theology, and service of deacon. It was a sweet time to reflect on the gospel growth in our church, […]

Deacon Interviews

I am finally getting around to some overdue Deacon candidate interviews. After three sessions of training (I, II, & III), I am meeting with each candidate. In preparation I am praying for each candidate, re-reading their reflection papers, and formulating candidate specific questions. During the interview I am looking for their understanding and commitment to […]

Deacon Candidate Interview Questions

In preparation for our Fall Deacon Training, I found these interview questions from Tim Keller very helpful: Purity. Are you leading a sexually pure life? (What do you consider a sexually pure life?) Possessions. Do you understand the Biblical tithe to be for Christians of the giving to the Lord’s work? Are you giving out of […]

Top Posts of 2008

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Service in the Local Church Doesn’t Have to Kill Her

On Sunday at our Deacon Training we discussed how be a deacon that doesn’t just do ministry. We don’t want to have deacons (or volunteers) that serve out of sheer duty. Rather, we want to cultivate disciples and deacons that serve from the strength that God provides in the gospel, thru the Spirit. Joyful deacons, […]

What Should Members/Partners Believe to “Join” the Church?

What should our partners be required to believe in order to become a vital part of our community? This is an important question we are working through at Austin City Life. As pastors we are to watch the doctrine and conduct of our own lives and our churches closely. Developing doctrinal essentials is one way […]

Tools for Missional Church

This page is devoted to very practical tools for planting or cultivating missional churches. Please feel free to download documents, adapt them, and so on. I do ask that you link back to this site if you re-post from these tools and cite where appropriate. Every blessing in your missional endeavors. PRE-PLANTING Should I Plant? […]

Church Leadership – A Book You Will Actually Read

Mark Driscoll has written a series of booklets called A Book You Will Actually Read. The one on Church Leadership is a gem–concise, biblical, informative. We ordered a bunch for our leaders and will distribute them at our next leadership training. Topics Elders Deacons Members Jesus in the Church Women in leadership Organizing the Church […]