We can’t plant a missional churches that don’t address Work. Most people spend the lion’s share of their time in their field of work. That field of work is not only a mission field, but it is a city field. It is an urban domain.

Cities are comprised of anywhere from 5-10 city domains: Government, Arts, Education, Social Services, Health Services, Technology, Family, etc. Missional Churches must do the hard work of helping their people see their vocation in urban domains in terms of missional calling, not merely for evangelism but for whole gospel living.

Although I’ve thought, worked, and taught on Work as Mission for a few years, this is only the third message on work in the past 20 months as Austin City Life. We need to continue to resource, inspire, equip, and release people into the Mission of Work. Over at Creation Project I’ve listed some practical ways to do this. Feel free to share yours!