Just how global does the North American missional church need to be? After all, the center of global Christianity is no longer in the West. Should we rely on receiving missionaries from Africa and Asia for a season, instead of pouring out resources beyond our boundaries?

Shockingly, 80% of deployed missionaries are sent to already evangelized areas. Roughly 30% of the global population is unevangelized and largely untargeted by so-called missional churches. This amounts to about 1.6 billion people not hearing the gospel in 38 different nations. There are still at least 13,000 unreached people groups and millions of people who have not heard a first proclamation of the gospel. In light of these statistics, just how missional is the missional church movement? Can you be a missional church and not engage the global missionfield?

  • Consider 5 Reasons why your so-called missional church may not be doing global mission by Ed Stetzer.