I am off to the Missional Network Gathering in Kansas City tomorrow with Brad Brisco as my host. I’ll be speaking on two main topics:

  • Planting to Movement: Forming City Networks
  • Best Practices of Missional Communities

Afterwards, I will be coaching the Watershed Church Planting team on Missional Core Team Development. They have developed an interesting approach, really savvy, as I have reflected on it. This team invited me to do customized coaching and teaching for their church plant.  Here’s why I think they came up with a savvy idea:

  • Contextualized Training: Instead of generalized training at a bootcamp, they get both general and specialized training, for their context.
  • Method-specific Training: They get to select a particular church planting model and go deep into it with an experienced planter.
  • Cost Effective Training: They save a little money by not paying for hotel, airfare, meals for the whole core team or leaders. They just pay the trainer/coach.