We need the prayers (and the wisdom) of elderly saints. My wife has befriended an elderly saint. We will call her Emma. Robie visits Emma with our two kids. It’s good for them because the average age in our church is about 30. Emma seems to really enjoy their visits too. Recently, Emma sent Robie this email containing a prayer for our church:

Dear Robie and all,

In my quiet time today, I was reminded that God sent Ananias to a street called Straight. Also I was reminded of Luke 3: 4&5, ” The crooked shall become straight.”  Then I praised God that you are going to the crooked to help them become straight! I’m believing God that He is changing East 6th St into a street called Straight,because of your ministry.  Miss you.  Blessings on you all!

Love, Emma

We need the missional prayers and insights of older saints. What an awesome prayer–that God would make straight the crooked street our church gathers on every Sunday, the infamous 6th St. We would appreciate your prayers as we move into more bars on 6th, prayers for the wisdom and power of the Spirit to engage the lostness in our city.