A couple months ago things looked pretty bad for our kids space on 6th St. We lost space in our current facility/bar/venue The Parish and had to scramble to find a new location. This test of faith has led to a great providence. It appears that our influence on 6th will extend beyond one bar to four, from The Parish to both sides of 6th!

Today I met with the owner of Friends, the new location for our Kids Life ministry. As it turns out, his family owns two more bars on 6th (Cheers and Agave). He’s totally supportive of Austin City Life and has opened the door for us to do gigs there. This comes at a great time in the life of our church. We are increasing in missional fervor.

Nate Navarro will soon be booking monthly gigs at the Parish. It is our hope that we can contribute to the revitalization of 6th St as a live music scene (not just a college scene), through playing and booking great music, by creating good culture in service of our great King. We also want to up the missional presence on 6th throughout the week from intentional bookings to work with the homeless to transformation of the broken.

Doors seem to be flying open. If you’ve had significant experience in this kind of ministry and want to lend us some ideas or advice, please feel free. We covet your prayers for the redemption and renewal of peoples and cultures in one of the darkest places in Austin.