As I prepare for Sunday’s sermon on money and mission, I found several good resources and quotes:

  • “Money follows mission… focus on mission will shift the language of the conversation from “fundraising” to identity and creativity. The irony is that mission can become clearer in a crisis, and undiscovered resources emerge to fulfill that mission.” – from Rendering Unto God

  • “You Philippians did not, because you were entrusted with one city, he says, care for that city only, but you leave nothing undone to be partners of my labours, being everywhere at hand, and working with me, as if taking part in my preaching.” – Homilies on Philippians, no.1
  • But there is something uniquely American about our craving to be told what to do, at least if the number of TV shows and radio programs and books and magazines devoted to doing just that are any indication. We’re a people who like to maximize – our wealth and our connections and our potential – and in recent years the message has been delivered, ever more loudly and clearly, from more and more sources, that if we buy X or do Y or follow the example of Z, then maximum happiness will indeed be ours. – Joe Lovell, “The bottom line? Non of the financial experts know what to do either