I am finally getting around to some overdue Deacon candidate interviews. After three sessions of training (I, II, & III), I am meeting with each candidate. In preparation I am praying for each candidate, re-reading their reflection papers, and formulating candidate specific questions. During the interview I am looking for their understanding and commitment to Gospel, Community, and Mission.

In general, I begin by catching up with them and asking them the following questions:

  1. Communion with God: Describe your walk with the Lord. How is it going?
  2. Office of Deacon: From what you have learned about the office of deacon, what are you concerned and excited about in potentially serving the church in this way?
  3. Purity of Life: Are there any areas in your life that are out of step with the character of a deacon? Do you struggle with impurity in any particular area?
  4. The Gospel: Describe how the gospel is shaping your life and decision-making.
  5. Mission: How are you currently living out the mission of Christ?

These have been influenced by Tim Keller.