John is another reason I am glad to be planting in urban Austin. John is homeless. He was molested at six and was in and out of state and foster homes. He’s been on the street since 19. How do you answer that? He is a compassionate soul who tries to help others, not the kind of homeless guy who is always looking for a free ride. Attempting to get to his heart, I asked him if he was happy in life. He said: “No, I’d start over from six if I could and redo it all.” He said he knows Jesus and that he looks forward to being free of pain in heaven. I asked him what difference it makes now. He couldnt naswer that. I told him God really wants to take his hurt and give him life. I bought him a warm meal, gave him a card, and told him we’d help him get into community and onto his feet, if he was interested. Talking to homeless people can keep your faith real, force it to work through love and through action. Hang with the homeless. Pray for John.