In his book Church Planting Landmines, Gary Rohrmayer and Tom Nebel warn planters of ten landmines to avoid, especially post-launch. In the Foreward, Ed Stetzer writes:

Most of us don’t listen well. I usually don’t. Most of us have to learn by painful mistakes. Yet, those who God blesses most are those who listen best. This book could save your church plant. More importantly, it could save your marriage, your health, your ministry, and so on…if you listen.

In summary, here are the 10 Church Planting Landmines:

  1. Ignoring personal health and growth
  2. Lack of leadership development
  3. Leadership backlash
  4. Personal Evangelism Entropy
  5. Corporate Evangelism Entropy
  6. Inadequate Enfolding Strategy
  7. Fear of Money
  8. Underestimating Spiritual Warfare
  9. Misfiring on Hiring
  10. Delaying Missions Engagement