Here are some ways to help Hurricane Ike Evacuees:

Clint Small Middle School has been designated as an emergency shelter for evacuees from Hurricane Ike. About 400 people are sleeping on the floor, and most of them do not have bedding. Here are some donation opportunities:

· Bedding – blankets and pillows.

· Diapers – for adults and children

· Formula – powdered

· Wheelchairs!!

· Magazines and newspapers for them to read

Two ways to take your donations:

1.  Go directly to Clint Small Middle School. Call Albert Perez, the City of Austin manager on site, and tell him you’re delivering items.  He will send someone out to get them from you as they don’t want people going in with loads of items because people might rush you!  Albert’s number is 589-1962.

2.  Bring your donations to the HITC office by 5:00 today.

ALSO, there is a huge need for volunteers at the shelters across the city.  There are 75 shelters that need volunteers to run them.  If you would like to help, go to the Volunteer Center at 2913 Northland (RR2222) and they’ll process you and give you an assignment.