I’ve posted on Andy Melvin’s Human Engine Waits album before. Due to the album’s depth and creativity, we our church decided to do a three song/sermon series on it. We’ve worked all of these songs into our worship “canon,” which has been a delight. The sermon audio and manuscripts can be found here.

Similarly, our very own Nate Navarro has written a number of tunes that bring the gospel, mission, and community together like few, if any songs do. We sang “Community Song” again today, which has become a Austin City Life stirring standby. Here are the lyrics:

we’re a community of the broken, your love is changing us, your love is here
the love of Christ can heal the broken, bring us together and wipe away our tears

we’re a community of the forgiven, the past is gone and today is here
the love of Christ can offer forgiveness, heal our hearts and redeem our wasted years

hallelujah God is with us
hallelujah grace is here

we’re a community who wants to love you, love our neighbors, let your love shine
the love of Christ can change this city if it can change a broken heart like mine