Dave Dunbar at Biblical Seminary is continuing to write helpful articles on the Missional Church movement. One of his more recent pieces addressed the “A New Imagination for the Church.” He points out three distinctives of missional re-imaginingation. I will include a key quote from each section:

  1. Missional is not McChurch: “Missional practitioners recognize that the principle of
    contextualization applies equally to churches in the West.”
  2. Movement from Evangelistic/attractional → missional/incarnational: “As the church confronts wide-spread cynicism about the Christian message, the gospel displayed will give credence
    to the gospel declared.”
  3. Cultivating spiritual discernment: “The point is that missional churches need to cultivate what for many of us is a forgotten art–the ability to discern what God is up to in our world (or neighborhood).”