A couple organic quotes from Alan Hirsch’s The Forgotten Ways:

“The problem is that most people see the church as an institution and not an organic movement (living system), in spite of the fact that the Bible is replete with organic images of church and kingdom (body, field, vine, soil, etc.).” p. 253

The Bible is laced with organic images that engender an “ecological view” of the church and leadership. If we remodeled our leadership and churches with these organic metaphors in mind, we would develop a more fertile communal life.” 166

“Having Babies is Fun….each unit of church can be conceived as a pod filled with seeds: each church “pregnant” with other churches. And it is in following this impulse that the apostolic church extends itself….this is actually how all powerful movements start. It begins with a group of people impassioned with a cause that reproduces itself through multiplication systems.”